Italy 2018

The first day I took it easy and we walked through the town. The second day my skiing lessons started and that was very hard.

I really have to do something about my condition because I...


This time I was allowed to cooperate with an online store. I was allowed to model for their clothing line, how cool.

When I received a message asking if I wanted to work with them, I was very...

Boots and Trousers

At the moment I love this kind of pants and especially the wide legs. It reminds me a bit of my youth the wide legs. And of course...


About Me




I am Sherana and i live in The Netherlands. I work at a afterschool and i love taking pictures. I started this blog to share my pictures and my favorite things with you. You get a glimpse of my life and everything i do. I really like dark colours, animals, Disney and food. Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy my digital diary.


Xx Sherana