Time to watch

I want to wear more jewelry and especially watches. In recent years I have never been interested in watches but people change.

I often saw beautiful watches passing by but I was always afraid it...

Outfit of the day

My idea was to combine as much as possible with the clothes I have now until I have a nice outfit and show this on the blog.

You might see the same pair of pants or maybe the same shirt pass by in a different combination. But...

My spotify top 5

My music taste has changed a lot over the years and therefore also very wide. I plan to share my top 5 with you a few times

in the year. No idea if you find that interesting, but...


About Me




I am Sherana and i live in The Netherlands. I work at a afterschool and i love taking pictures. I started this blog to share my pictures and my favorite things with you. You get a glimpse of my life and everything i do. I really like dark colours, animals, Disney and food. Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoy my digital diary.


Xx Sherana